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icon_feedback was created to provide an outlet for icon makers to share tips and promote growth in a helpful and positive environment.

Its easy!

1)Post one of your icons and ask for a general help.

hi guys! I made this. tell me what you think ;)
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2)Other icon makers will provide you with general tips on how to make your icons look better.

Since you want text in there, try making your text a cooler color, or one that matches the icon, maybe blue or yellow, also adjust your brightness or contrast or saturation, to make it interesting, if you can try adding some dots with a plain circle brush...

3)Use those general tips and improve your icon-creating skills!

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thanks for the tips!

Since the *main* idea behind this community is providing HELPFUL suggestions, an excessive number of icons is hard to comment on, 8-10 is a LOT of icons, 15 is the MAX.

ALL entries MUST have a request for help somewhere in the entry. promote ur work elsewhere.

- We do not provide tutorials for how to create icons. You must post atleast one icon for you to receive tips. If you do not want to post an icon, its ok. We often learn by viewing the works of others and seeing how other icon makers provide them general helps.

- We also do not provide templates, bases, and screencaps. However, we may provide links to such resources.

Please understand that no community promotion is allowed except commuties that provide icon tutorials or are an outlet for icon growth such as providing bases, templates, or screencaps.

FAKE CUTS ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED Please keep all your icons here so that we may all provide helpful feedback, boost your lj page rating somewhere else...

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If you have any problems please come straight to me, either by email (tatertotpixie at gmail dot com) or comment in my personal journal... I don't want to have to moderate all entries before they go onto the journal... Thank You! -Kepi

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