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Post your icons and receive feedback to grow


Post your icons and receive feedback to grow

by:<lj user=tatertotpixie>


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hi! first post here, i think this community is a great idea :)
to start, i'd like a little feedback on some icons :) please be really honest, i think it's the best way :P

  • I think you have some interesting ideas here, and with a little tweaking, you could definitely improve them.

    2 & 3: the coloring isn't very flattering here and makes her look ghastly/sick. I would suggest something using a little bit warmer tones to make her skin look less pale. The cropping on 2 is a little awkward because it cuts off her chin and the text on 3 is awkward with the overlapping. Overlapping text can look nice but this just looks a little on the messy side.

    5. The image looks a little blurry but the coloring otherwise looks nice. See if you can play around with sharpening techniques since often when you shrink an image down like that, it makes details go blurry.

    6. The image looks washed out and pixelated, especially on her face. I would focus on a sharper coloring that is going to keep the contrast looking fabulous. I like the text but I think the textures might be a little too much. I try to keep texture work so that it's not too distracting since it's very easy to go overboard with them.
    • first, thanks for giving me feedback :)
      then thanks, i'll keep that on mind, warmer tones on colouring and chin :P and also on the text. Text is one of the hardest parts of an icon to me .___.

      and sharpening! #6 gave me a hell of a time, really, it was so blurry, and trying to sharpen it more made it look grainy, i hated that ._. about the texture, i used just one, the tiny grey text with the handmade line, maybe you got confused with the background of the photo? or next time i won't add any textures LOL anyway i agree, it's easy to exceed with textures :)
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